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Indulge in Our Long Island Spa Services

Revive and rejuvenate yourself with the myriad of Long Island spa services we offer at Quintessentials in the North Fork. Each of these services are tailored to your needs.

Quintessentials’ Long Island Spa Services


Reflexology Massage is offered to relieve stress, relax muscular tension, and improve body function through increased circulation. Massage:  approximately 30, 60 and 90 minutes; $75, $145 and $219.

  • Head, Neck & Back Relief: $75
  • Reflexology Hands/Feet: A foot and hand massage in which pressure is put on reflex areas of feet and hands that correspond with, and therefore stimulate organs and glands throughout the body.


  • European Facial: A deep-cleansing treatment to improve texture and leave a glowing complexion. This most popular facial includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation and masque, followed by a soothing calming essential moisturizer. $145 ++
  • Collagen: An application of collagen smoothes, plumps and rejuvenates dry, lined skin. Oxygen and Enzymes treatments for brightening and hydrating dull, dry and sunburned skin. $145 to $195
  • Deep Pore: A deep-cleansing facial which includes extraction, mask and focuses on a tightening of enlarged pores. $145 to $195
  • Glycolic Acid: Application of glycolic acid exfoliates dead skin cells and encourages cell regeneration for younger, smoother skin. $145 to $195
  • Eye Contour: Plant extracts hydrate and reduce lines and wrinkles. Minimizes fine lines, reduces dark circles, puffiness and congestion. Extremely refreshing. $35
  • Vino or Marine Rejuvenating Facial: $145 to $195
  • Herbal Revitalizing Facial: $145 to $195
  • Vitamin C Oxygen Facial: $$145 to $195
  • Glycolic Anti-Aging Facial: $145 to $195
  • Hot & Cold Therapeutic Stone Facial & Massage: $175
  • Deluxe Back Smoother: (facial for the back) $145 to $195

Body Scrubs and Wraps

  • Detoxifying Herbal Wrap: A cloth or sheet steeped in a warm solution of herbs wrapped around the body to draw out impurities, improve metabolism and promote relaxation. $145
  • Loofah Scrub: The entire body is gently scrubbed with a Loofah sponge to exfoliate and rejuvenate skin. Seaweed or minerals are used to polish and calming oils to soothe. $145
  • Mud and Grape Seed Vinotherapy: Mineral-rich mud is packed onto the skin; exfoliates, detoxifies, relaxes and can also ease the pain of rheumatism and arthritis. $145
  • Salt Glow: Coarse sea salt, combined with aromatic oils, is massaged into the body to exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. $145
  • Coconut and Sugar Scrub: Fresh sugar cane crystals, contains natural occurring alpha hydroxyls. This gently buffs away aging skin cells, polishes the skin clean, and unclogs pores, to help the body’s natural skin rejuvenation process. $145
  • Nourishing Seaweed Wrap: Seaweed, rich with deep-sea nutrients is applied as a wrap. Minerals, rare trace elements and proteins are absorbed into the bloodstream to revitalize and detoxify skin and body. $145
  • 3-Massage Paraffin Hands & Feet: Hand $45, Feet $75

Lifestyle Coaching, Advisor, and Healing

  • Reiki Energy Balancing: 30 minutes and 60 minutes $75 and $145
  • Create inner and outer balance in yourself and your surroundings: $199 initial hour.

Cosmetic Application & Image Consultation

Make-up application or make-up lesson, for entire face or specific areas, such as eyes or lips.

Color & Image Consultation to help you present your best image.

Cosmetics and botanical skin care products are available for purchase at the Spa.

  • Initial 2-hour consultation:  $150 ++

Spa Packages, something for every man or woman

  • Express Delight: (M-Th 10-2 only) $245, includes approximately 30 minute reflexology, 45 minute Express Facial and soothing Paraffin Infusion for hands.
  • North Fork Escape: $359, includes approximately 45 minute Mud or Seaweed Wrap, Steam Bath, and 90 minute Aromatherapy Massage.
  • Spa Polished Hands and Feet: $259, includes approximately 60 minute Exfoliation, Masque and Paraffin Treat, and 60 minute reflexology massage. (No nail polish application.)
  • Body Perfect: $399, includes approximately 30 minute Salt Glow Rub, 45 minute Seaweed, Steam Bath and 90 minute Deep Cleansing Facial Plus. Collagen or Sea C Spa added, available for an additional $25.
  • The Sports Man: $399, includes approximately 45 minute Salt Glow Rub, Steam Bath, 60 minute Deep-tissue Sports Massage, 60 minute Deep Cleansing Facial.
  • Half-Day Spa: $399, includes approximately 45 minute Body Treatment (scrub or wrap), Steam Bath, 60 minute European Facial, 60 minute reflexology.
  • Full-Day Spa: $649, includes approximately 30 minute Salt Glow Rub, 45 minute Body Wrap (seaweed or mud), 30 minute Scalp Treatment, Steam Bath, 90 minute European Facial Plus, 15 minute Revitalizing Eye Treatment, 60 minute reflexology, 30 minute Reiki Energy Balancing, Light Lunch and Afternoon Snack.
  • Q-Spa Signature Experience (our most popular package): $489, includes approximately 45 minute Salt Glow Rub, combined with a Body Wrap (seaweed or mud), 60 minute Massage (head to toe), 60 minute European Facial, 15 minute Revitalizing Eye Treatment, Spa Lunch, including dessert and drink. A great Girls Getaway package.